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Welcome to the Business Management System (Business Management Intelligence). This system was created by Volkswagen of Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (VWM) and Volkswagen Leasing, Inc. de C.V. (VWL) for the use of the Dealers and Volkswagen Group companies. The information contained in this system and all the information provided by the dealer network is confidential and for the exclusive use of the dealer network, VWM, VWL and companies of the Volkswagen Group. The access to this System is restricted, so that the actions performed in the System by the Dealer’s personnel, link that dealer with the correspondent users or passwords for access, it is highly recommended to use them responsibly. By using and/or making inputs to this system by the Dealer, it agrees to: 1) that the information provided by the dealer is true, and corresponds to its operation, that it’s accurate, complete and correct, 2) that such information will also serve to meet the dealer’s obligations of financial information, reporting to VWM and VWL, recognizing that this is the only mean of compliance, and 3) that such information may be shared with VWM and / or VWL and / or with any of the companies of the Volkswagen Group. If you need technical assistance with the use of this system, please call 01-800-681-1547 or e-mail mexvwbmisupport@urbanscience.com. Support Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs.